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16 March 2008

The new GM vapor-control system

Mike Solowiow gets a surprise at State Fair Park:

Rocking-up at the Oklahoma City International (?) Auto Show, I asked a GM spokesperson about the upcoming electric gas plug-in Chevrolet Volt. "We have been instructed to not discuss the Volt too much, but to steer people interested in it to the newly released hybrids because we want them to focus on those released products, and not on the concept that might not make it to production soon."

"Pay no attention to the car behind the curtain!"

The so-called "two-mode" hybrid in the Tahoe might be a game-changer — getting 20 mpg out of a big, hulking truck has to be considered a major improvement — but a lot of people, even in Oklahoma, are looking for something other than big, hulking trucks, and GM's other hybrids come up short on performance and panache.

The Volt is supposedly going to be available in 2010.

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