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16 March 2008

Things I learned today (17)

Yes, it's a fresh link dump with a stale old name. What of it?

(As always, the definition of "today" is somewhat less than strict.)

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A gay blogger in Oklahoma argues that his state (which my subliminally Freudian fingers keep unconsciously misspelling as "Oklahomo") is not hell, despite the fact that a state legislator is determined to stop the homos from, from, teaching or spreadin......[read more]

12 years later I'm still using ICQ with a number in the low six digits. Got hooked up with it just a month or two after it launched. Doubt I'll buy the toothpaste, though.

Posted by: Terry at 7:08 PM on 16 March 2008

I have a seven-digit ICQ number. (I was late for almost everything.)

Posted by: CGHill at 8:16 PM on 16 March 2008

I see a commenter at MotoringFile already thought of what I was about to say about the downsized Wienermobile.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:30 PM on 16 March 2008