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20 March 2008

This is a call to all, I think

No argument from me: "[R]egardless of who gets the Democratic nod, the party will be left with an abundance of disenchanted votes that could be up for grabs by an Independent candidate."

Still: Dave Grohl for President?

"Every night when I'm on tour, I bring my message to thousands and thousands of people. There's 10 thousand people that woke up this morning and felt like America is the right place to be because at our show last night they were spilling beer all over themselves and tongue kissing for two hours. What other candidate can do that? With all due respect to Obama, Hillary, Huckabee and all the others, they've got nothing on me."

And let's face it, you're not gonna see that after a McCain rally.

(Via E. M. Zanotti.)

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