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10 March 2008


Suzy by RebaWhich, of course, means "What would Reba wear?" "Reba," of course, is Oklahoma homegrown hottie Reba McIntire, who now has her own line of shoes which presumably represent what she would wear. She's picky, though, and not for the usual reasons: "I've had foot problems all my life," she says, "and [I] have to have certain types of shoes that are very comfortable. Heels can't be too high, and I like lots of cushioning." "Suzy," shown here, is one of eight styles which are being sold exclusively through Dillard's. The upper is a blend of leather and stretch fabric, the lining is pure sock material, and the heel is a lowish 2½ inches. Sixty-nine bucks will buy you Suzy; the priciest shoes in the line are only $79. (If you're curious about Reba's foot problems, well, she suffers from Morton's neuroma, a condition which, when it flares up, is usually dealt with by kicking off one's shoes, which unfortunately isn't always an option.)

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Morton's neuroma is also correctable (if limited in scope) by minor surgery. My mother had the ganglial swelling removed some 25 years ago and had no further problems.

Still, Reba's shoes are sort of cute, and I applaud efforts to make more-wearable shoes for those of us who don't like feeling like we've been to the footbinder.

Posted by: fillyjonk at 3:11 PM on 10 March 2008