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7 April 2008

Charge ahead

One question about the Toyota Prius, and by extension other vehicles using hybrid technology, has never quite died down: "How long can these things actually last?" The battery pack is one of the most expensive components in the car, and even though warranty coverage is extensive, the replacement cost must be considered discouraging.

Some answers: One '01 Prius, in service as a Vancouver taxicab, has rolled up 410,000 km, over a quarter of a million miles, with only minor maintenance issues. And this isn't the outside limit, either, reports a hybrid-specialist independent garage:

Luscious Garage has the distinct pleasure of servicing several high mileage Prius, including this one in a courier capacity, now topping 270,000 miles.

This car has needed very little attention up to now, with the first high dollar repair affecting the air conditioning system.

The compressor was toast. Total cost of the replacement (second-hand but in good shape), including new refrigerant: $870. Not bad at all.

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