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5 April 2008

Do we need a state rock song?

I'm still reeling over our state vegetable, so I shudder to think what would be considered an appropriate rock and/or roll number to celebrate at the Oklahoma History Center, and indeed my first look at the nominees list so far did nothing to ease the twitch.

So, prodded by Jason Bondy, I sent in the one and only song that makes sense to me in this context: Wanda Jackson's "Funnel of Love" (Capitol 4553, 1961), which offers not one, not two, but three connections to this state:

  1. Wanda's from Maud, and today lives in Moore.
  2. The tasty guitar licks are provided by latter-day Tulsan Roy Clark.
  3. What could be more Oklahoman than Tornado as Metaphor? I mean, really.

I hope someone on the committee at least has heard of it.

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I don't get why we need a state anything... And yes the state vegetable thing was so stupid.

Posted by: BPD in OKC at 7:02 PM on 5 April 2008

Heh, I was just curious to see your suggestion.

And while I am familiar with Wanda Jackson, I have to admit I don't know that one (this will soon be remedied).

Posted by: Jason at 8:07 PM on 5 April 2008

Wow, I remember my brother playing that song. But I had thought it was "tunnel". Maybe at the time, I didn't know what a "funnel" was -- we didn't live in tornado alley then and I was too young to be familiar with kitchen gadgets.

But it would be cool to have as the state rock song. I too have been underwhelmed by other suggestions.

Posted by: Rena at 8:18 PM on 5 April 2008

They've heard of it now. It's listed on the website as of 4:00 pm CDT.

Posted by: Mark at 4:04 PM on 7 April 2008

I'm hoping the Lost Ogle guys will pick up on this, if only because of the horrifying possibility of the committee picking a Hinder record.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:05 PM on 7 April 2008