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24 May 2008

A crisper idea

Ford's new Flex crossover is boxy to the point of resembling a supine refrigerator, though I have no idea if that similarity inspired the actual refrigerator on the options list:

As a $760 option, Ford isnít simply giving you a plastic compartment cooled by the air conditioner, which can drop the temperature of a beverage perhaps 20 degrees. No, this is an honest-to-goodness refrigerator that uses a compressor to create chilled liquid that can lower the temperature of a beverage 41 degrees in two and a half hours. It also has a freezer option that can chill to 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

And what's more, if you have all seven seats filled, everybody gets a soda:

The compartment is small — capable of holding seven 12-ounce cans, four half-liter bottles or two orders of vegetable maki — but the utility is also evident. For drivers who live in hot climates, it might save a gallon of ice cream on the way back from the store or allow drivers to run other errands while keeping raw meat at a safe temperature.

Truth be told, this impresses me a whole lot more than that Microsoft stuff Ford's been hawking.

(Seen at Autoblog.)

Posted at 9:46 AM to Driver's Seat

Hmmm, Mr. Dustbury likes the refrigerator, but he doesn't like the REALLY COOL sync stuff. Let's turn all our cars into refrigerators!

Posted by: Charles Pergiel at 6:00 PM on 24 May 2008

And if you can get a cold-water dispenser within reach of the driver's seat, so much the better.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:04 PM on 24 May 2008

I wouldn't get away with having a combination car/refrigerator.

I just wouldn't.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:19 PM on 24 May 2008
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