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21 May 2008

I feel like I've been grounded

A week and a half ago I got semi-boastful about my ability to keep random tree bits away from my power line, and Karma To Go found this sufficiently unacceptable to justify dropping a fat limb far enough to snap the ground wire (though not the other two) in half. Weirdly, it didn't cause a power interruption, at least on the 110-volt stuff.

So what was going to be an evening of mowing turned out to be an evening of wire replacement. (Helpful hint from the tech after the reconnect: "Turn on every light in the house, put a cup of water in the microwave, start it up and see if anything blinks.") Just as well: I didn't feel up to pushing the mower around anyway. And the newly-spliced line is a bit farther away from said random tree bits, though I'm still going to have to call in the pros from Dover to reduce the size of the tree.

Posted at 8:13 PM to Surlywood

I need a good tree guy for the exact same purpose! We've already had our line spliced due to a fallen branch. What's worse, the cable line is on the other side of the tree, and they are both within inches of the main trunk! Since I have cable telephone, I don't want to lose either line. Do you have a good tree guy?

Posted by: Scooby214 at 9:43 PM on 21 May 2008

I've been happy with Arbor Masters, a regional chain.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:57 PM on 21 May 2008