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11 May 2008

Not even street-legal

Ford Racing is vending a hotted-up, trimmed-down Mustang to Serious Racers Only. It comes with all the pertinent safety gear (six-point restraint, roll cage, fire-suppression system) and none of the usual amenities (radio, A/C, floor mats). It costs 75 large, which is a ton of money, but it's a turnkey machine: "everything you need to go racing," says the window sticker.

(Aside: Can you really call it "turnkey" when there's no actual key? There's an ignition switch, but it's not operated with a key: you toggle the switch and press the Start button.)

Said window sticker, incidentally, is hilarious. Here's the "fuel-economy" information:

Green flag: gulps fuel
Yellow flag: sips fuel
Red flag: uses no fuel at all

And the warranty — well, you'll have to read it for yourself. Mike Monroney is hitting redline in his grave.

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My Plan:
1) Win lottery
2) attend driving school, repeat as necessary
3) buy this car
4) race in the series

Since these things must occur in this order, I will not be holding my breath.

Posted by: Jeffro at 8:34 PM on 11 May 2008