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22 May 2008

Plenty of scoot

A Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive has found a home:

My main priorities were something that would get good gas mileage; be able to run on the highway without red-lining; automatic transmission (I can shift, but I don't want to — I think you already have enough to think about while riding without throwing that one into the mix); not cost a fortune; and handle well overall. The Suzuki was the only one that fit all my requirements.

Nine grand, be it noted, is not a fortune.

This little darb has a DOHC two-cylinder displacing 638 cc. Nobody quotes horsepower on these things, but I think "Hayabusa" and I figure that there's probably lots of go. What I really wanted to know, though, was "Who the hell is Burgman?"

It's not a who:

"Burgman" seemed to me a rather unlikely moniker for a Japanese-produced two-wheeler, so I felt compelled to ask where the name came from. I was told that it originated from the German term "Burg" for town or village which was governed by a leading man. Guess that makes sense, but I'm not sure my information source wasn't just pulling my leg.

"And filling its tank, at least this week, will cost only $15 or so," he mused, having dropped $36 into his car earlier in the day.

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