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2 June 2008

Cream of the Crocs

Venice from YOU by CrocsCrocs' YOU line offers "unique practicality through intelligent, fashion forward design, solving women's fashion vs. comfort dilemma by intersecting the two." Nice work if you can get it, right? This example is called "Venice," and it's a decent Mary Jane slingback with a three-inch stacked heel. (Been a long time since I've seen a stacked heel.) The heel strap is elasticized, which may or may not be a boon, and the buckle adjusts, so they have at least part of the "comfort" angle covered. The price tag, however, is very un-Crocs-like: $175.

Perhaps with this very green color in mind, Crocs has been Astroturfing this line, and got caught at it. Now that's "unique practicality."

Posted at 7:07 PM to Rag Trade

Silly promotions aside (and I had not heard the term "Astroturfing" before to describe that mode of advertisement...) they are kind of cute in a cartoonish sort of way. Sort of "Minnie Mouse goes on 'Extreme Makeover'"

Still, 3" heels put them too much into ankle-breaking territory for me. And I don't think I every paid as much as $175 for shoes, unless they were a set of all-terrain hiking boots.

Posted by: fillyjonk at 1:39 PM on 3 June 2008

Er... maybe I have an explanation of that color. I was told once that green is supposed to drive away mosquitoes. By a gardener, no less. Oh well...

Posted by: SnoopyTheGoon at 2:35 AM on 4 June 2008
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