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5 June 2008

Smart space utilization

A freshly-hatched (still had the paper tag) smart fortwo was parallel-parked at the Gazette office yesterday afternoon. The driver sensibly set the tiny car in the middle of the space, leaving about a quarter of it vacant on either side and making the space look a lot bigger than it does when it's accommodating something like, say, my car.

I went from there to Target, and wondered as I pulled in just how a smart should park in a lot like that. It seems to me that parking as the rest of us do, pulling up to just short of the line that divides this row from the next, is not a good idea, because some schmuck, gleeful at finding an "empty" space, is going to plow right into the poor little boîte's rear end. It seems, therefore, that the driver of the smart should attempt to align her rear bumper with the rear bumpers of adjacent vehicles, leaving no doubt that the space is occupied.

This would also apply, if perhaps with less urgency, to drivers of other wee cars. (I'm thinking specifically of the Mini Cooper that pulled in next to me in the Target lot that day.)

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Good point. I hate when I find that there's a small car in what I thought was an empty parking space. It's usually not too much of a problem for me because I don't bother searching for closer parking spaces but during the holiday shopping season when ......[read more]

That would be an especially kind gesture for angle-parking on a busy street. I had to go around the block (and take more distant parking) the other day because I saw what I THOUGHT was an open spot, and when I came up to it, realized that it was a Geo Metro pulled up snug to the curb (and between two mega-monolith-pickups, so there was no way I could see it until I was almost on top of it. I don't think the person behind me was at all happy when I switched off my turn signal and edged back out into traffic.)

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