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12 June 2008

The great 62 debate

Part of this route, you'll remember, was to get to the west end of US Highway 62. Trouble with that idea is, while the maps say it ends at the Mexican border, signage doesn't reflect that:

According to official TX DoT route designation files, US 54, US 62, and US 85 were all "relocated" in 1974. That basically means their routings were changed, and here's how I interpret that: US 54 was redirected to the 2nd border crossing (known variously as Cordova, Bridge of the Americas, BOTA, and/or "the free bridge". You can view a photo from there on my main US 54 page). US 62 was rerouted along Paisano, then Stanton and/or Santa Fe, to a new endpoint at the original border crossing downtown (the former endpoint of US 54). US 85 was also rerouted onto Paisano, and it joined US 62 to end at the downtown port-of-entry (in other words, this is when US 62 and US 85 were changed to their present routings). Today, traffic from Mexico comes in at the El Paso St. crossing, but doesn't encounter any highway signage for about eight blocks — almost to Paisano.

Geez. I may end up a full-fledged roadgeek before all this is over.

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And there's a problem with being a roadgeek?

Posted by: Jason at 8:25 PM on 12 June 2008
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