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5 June 2008

Valets will put your car on blocks

The Hotel Preston is a boutique inn, south of I-40 on Briley Parkway in Nashville, "5 minutes from most everything." As you might expect from a hotel with a bar called the Pink Slip, things are just slightly out of kilter, and, I'd bet, for the better of it.

For this weekend's CMA Music Festival, the Preston is offering a special Redneck Package: your room comes with a complimentary sack of pork rinds and a six-pack of PBR. In-room snacks include local favorites like Goo Goo Clusters, Moon Pies and RC Cola.

Can't make the CMA? The Redneck Package is available by reservation through October.

(Via Fark.)

Posted at 12:59 PM to Almost Yogurt

As soon as the CMA crowd clears out of town (you would not believe the traffic jams - including a lot of OK tags on bigass pickup trucks) I guess I should drop by the Preston and check in for a night or three. Just gotta have me some pork rinds and PBR...

Posted by: Winston at 6:28 AM on 6 June 2008
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