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3 June 2008

You've had your last Hummer

The Truth About Cars is reporting that GM has decided to abandon the Hummer brand:

While not "official," GM told its field teams that all corporate investment in HUMMER has ceased. No refreshes. No new models. And no more marketing support. The decision pulls the plug from 171 HUMMER franchisees, including 71 standalone dealers.

Maybe they can sell it to the Indians.

Update, 6 June: And they just might.

Posted at 8:31 PM to Driver's Seat

It's one good, no, excellent thing that came out of the gas prices going through the roof.

Posted by: SnoopyTheGoon at 1:48 AM on 4 June 2008

There is a God....

Posted by: Lynne at 6:48 AM on 4 June 2008

Coupled with the news that GM is closing truck and SUV plants, one wonders what they're smoking in Detroit.

Because a small -- albeit significant -- fraction of the voting public has been gulled into believing that the sky is falling, GM is going to cut off its most-profitable lines?

I don't get it.


Posted by: Mark Alger at 10:53 AM on 4 June 2008

I might have expected them to sell off Hummer: it's one of very few GM brands that has any actual brand equity or a clearly-defined market niche. On the other hand, sales are off by a bunch, and the shareholders' meeting is, well, today.

The Independent says that GM is going to sell off Hummer. I'm thinking this would be a golden opportunity for Mahindra, which already had plans to sell trucks in the US anyway.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:05 AM on 4 June 2008

I guess GM doesn't believe in niche production. Hell, they could easily do limited yearly production, but I guess it costs more just to keep the plant's lights on.

Posted by: Mel at 12:20 PM on 4 June 2008

Neatest sub-rumor floating around: GM is ridding itself of Hummer so it can justify buying Jeep at Cerberus' inevitable Chrysler Fire Sale.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:17 PM on 4 June 2008

I suppose I could buy the brand if I had the money, but my wife would make me change the name.

Posted by: McGehee at 2:42 PM on 5 June 2008
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