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29 July 2008

That's what I like about the South

You may have heard it from Bob Wills; you may have heard it from Phil Harris. Either way, you've almost certainly heard it:

Hot corn bread, black-eyed peas
You can eat as much as you please
'Cause it's never out of season
That's what I like about the South

Many, many verses. (That's the fourth, I think.) A more contemporary version:

Southerners love their animals. They love their horses, dogs, and cats. They also love to eat whatever animal isn't one of those.

And so much more.

(Spotted by Morgan K. Freeberg.)

Posted at 10:11 AM to Almost Yogurt

There's a place down there called Doo-wah-diddy.
It ain't no town; it ain't no city.
Me, oh my, it sure is pretty.
That's Doo-wah-diddy.

Posted by: Michael Bates at 10:39 AM on 29 July 2008
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