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23 July 2008

We got your diffusion right here

Let's see how far this goes. It seems to have started around here.

So far as I can tell, if someone Spreads It from this point, it will show up here; I presume I left some sort of trace at Outside the Beltway.

Update: From the actual FAQ:

Each node represents a blog/website whose author chose to spread Happy Flu, the background circle's size depends on the number of hits (number of times the applet was displayed on a given website). An edge is a path along which the applet travels from page to page and its length represents the time it took for one page to contaminate its neighbor.

So there.

Posted at 11:55 AM to Screaming Memes

Ah, this explains that awful burning, itching sensation.

Posted by: Venomous Kate at 1:51 PM on 23 July 2008


Posted by: Tam at 6:50 PM on 23 July 2008
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