15 October 2006
Just pluck it out of the air

Michael Bates argues that the Tulsa Airport Authority should drop its $9.95-a-day fee for wireless Internet at Tulsa International, and there are good reasons to do so:

There's a practical advantage: Free wi-fi allows business travelers to stay productive during delays, which makes for less tension on the concourse when a flight is rescheduled or cancelled. It also makes it possible for travelers to investigate alternate flights, so that everyone doesn't have to wait in line to get booked onto a new flight.

Mostly, though, free wi-fi would be a way to extend hospitality. It would be a way to leave a positive final impression on visitors to our city.

Besides, it's something we don't have in Oklahoma City (though the going rate at Will Rogers is two bucks less). Still, I must ruefully concede the point of commenter RJJ, who said:

Can we really expect anyone in Oklahoma to pass up the opportunity to charge someone a toll?

Probably not. In 1955, the legislature passed a law which said that so long as any bonds were outstanding on any state turnpike, no turnpike could be turned into a free road. And inasmuch as the Turner, the prototype for all such projects, contained a provision that allowed for refinancing those bonds — well, don't hold your breath waiting for the toll plazas to go away. It is true that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch; in this state, though, you might be well advised to bring your own napkins as well.

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19 November 2006
A Wii bit of gougery

Sandisk, vendor of fine SD flash-memory cards, has announced "special edition" SD cards for Nintendo's Wii game system, in sizes from 512 MB to 2 GB.

The half-gigger lists for $35, or only slightly less than I paid for a full 1 GB card for my digital camera, before rebate (which, incidentally, has never arrived). On the other hand, the card for my camera doesn't say "Wii" on it.

(Via Engadget.)

Update, 26 November: There are entirely too many people with Wii puns of mass distraction.

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22 January 2007
Songs she blings to me

There's just this one little nagging detail: you'd think you'd get more than 1 GB storage for twenty thousand dollars.

(Via Screenhead.)

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8 October 2007
Whatever the traffic will bear

I'm contemplating offering £4.50 — a tad over nine bucks — to download Radiohead's new album In Rainbows, and after all, the price is up to me.

Rationale: I'm not exactly a major fan, but I think I want to show support for this decidedly-unusual marketing technique.

What would you do?

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28 November 2007
The grim spectre of overtime

Britain's Trade Unions Council is disturbed to find people are working longer hours these days:

More than one in eight people now work more than 48 hours a week, rising to one in six in London, the TUC said.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said the "disturbing" findings suggest there is "undoubted abuse of the law" by some employers.

Mr Barber would undoubtedly be appalled at my schedule, which averages right around 48 hours a week. A chap from Wirral, quoted in the BBC piece, says it's not just a job, it's indenture:

If you are working more than 48 hours in a five day week it means that you have approximately five hours a day awake out of work (not including time to travel to/from work.) That's not work but a form of slavery.

Slaves get weekends off? Cool.