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On the way to school

There are kids who get on the bus to go to school, and then get on the bus to come back home.

Seldom did I manage to fit into this perfectly ordinary pattern.

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Up to the minute

She set her computer on her lap and crossed her legs. For a moment I wondered how she was going to type like that.

“So how do you feel right this minute?” she asked.

Something like this, I thought.

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Thank you, Vivian Darkbloom

Couples tend to be about the same age. Sometimes one is much older than the other; sometimes this is okay, sometimes it isn’t. I’m not entirely sure I understand the fine points of the situation.

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The size of the universe

Gates McFadden as Dr Beverly Crusher, on the bridgeYou remember Dr Crusher, don’t you? Once upon a time, she found herself alone on the Enterprise, while the universe seemed literally to shrink around her. (If you’re keeping score, and of course you are, this was “Remember Me,” season 4. episode 5, of Star Trek: The Next Generation.)

Turns out that this isn’t necessarily the kind of situation one has to be a member of Starfleet Command to experience.

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Borrowed bliss

While my own perhaps-stupidly-expensive car sits in the shop, I’ve been tooling about in a newer perhaps-stupidly-expensive car. And it’s not easy making the adjustment, either.

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In the fall, if at all

Uncle Buddy, bless his pea-pickin’ heart, used to say that at least ten months out of the year. And by rights, this ought to be my favorite season of the year. It isn’t, and I don’t know why.

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Fragments from hither and yon

With not much else going on at the moment, I’m offering different, if not necessarily fresh, takes on some recent occurrences, since I don’t have much to say about either Joe Arpaio or Hurricane Harvey. It’s not like I’ve never done this before.

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A brand-new beat

Actually, this particular rhythm has been building in the streets since the 1960s, though not everyone heard the call. Still, if you can’t forget the Motor City, there’s a very good reason why.

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Heck on wheels

Now that I have my own vehicle back, I’m trying to make the adjustments I need to make to avoid running into another wall. Not sure how well this will work, but I should probably consider myself fortunate for figuring some of this stuff out.

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The big sleeper

In which I press my luck by announcing that for the moment, the worst of my ongoing insomnia seems to have subsided a bit, though I still need all the help I can get.

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Fearfully yours

It’s okay to be scared if you’re three, or if you’re six. If you’re sixty-three, perhaps not so much.

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Vehicularly challenged

Almost anyone else I know, faced with a totaled automobile, will start shopping for a new one.

Not me, though.

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Drop dead already

One year after “ambulatory” was stricken from my vocabulary, I mourn for a moment; and then I contemplate the fate of someone far worse off than I am.

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But we want it now

Californians will not be getting single-payer health care this year. Some of them are quite upset about that.

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The old man

He would have been 90 this month, which seems incredible to me. Then again, I never imagined being as old as I am now. And I suspect sometimes that maybe his job isn’t finished so long as I’m still around.

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Frozen in position

What do you do when you’re approaching a busy intersection and suddenly the lower half of your body seems to be disconnected from the upper?

This is not a question I’d been spending much time on, until suddenly I had to.

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What do you do?

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? It isn’t. And had I my druthers, it never will be.

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Next exit, dystopia

Exactly one factor keeps this from being a proper nightmare: the fact that it began in broad daylight.

Please note that this unhappy experience was experienced without benefit of Ambien.

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Nobody rides for free

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The girl in 18B

Of all the girls I’ve ever seen, she was the only one I occasionally couldn’t see.

Or something like that. This far along, it’s hard to be sure.

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Not so faded

You just saw me waxing semi-lyrical about a woman about my age who is forever out of my reach. The age varies from week to week; the reach does not. What’s going through my head at those times? Damned if I know.

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Coping mechanisms

I never was one for calculating, or guesstimating, quality-of-life indices. I concede that my own is on the downside of late; however, this does not excuse me from the labors of the day.

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Old enough to drink

This little soapbox of mine has now been open for twenty-one years. By the standards of blogdom, this is, if not an eternity, certainly an eon or two. And there are worse things I can do besides celebrate.

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And so to sleep again

I may never defeat the monster known as insomnia. But at least the playing field is a bit more level than it used to be.

(The title, should you care, comes from a 1951 single by Patti Page, in which she sings four parts through the miracle of overdubbing. We had a copy of this when I was very, very small.)

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Permanent adaptation

Despite my ongoing despair, it may be that at some level, I have actually refused to accept the possibility that I will never walk again unassisted. How do I know this? It came to me in a dream.

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The motor cooled down

Some thoughts on the life and times of Charles Edward Anderson Berry (1926-2017), the man who caught Maybellene at the top of the hill, and much, much more.

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A piece of the neighborhood action

He’s looking to buy houses in this neck of the woods, and he’s trying to keep his overhead as low as possible, which probably isn’t a bad idea.

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Sympathy card

As I discovered on a routine trip to the drug store, it’s a card I simply don’t play very well.

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Fuels rush in

“Hey, wise man! You coming in?

“Oh, hell no. What kind of fool do you think I am?”

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Meet the invalid

Spare me those euphemisms like “differently-abled.” I’m well on my way to becoming a full-fledged cripple, and I can’t say I’m enjoying the trip.

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