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My very best friends

There is friendship, and there is magic. And there are times when it might take the latter to bring about the former.

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But what if…?

An insufficiently mild horror story of teddy bears and piano teachers.

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I have never been here before

And it’s far too late to turn back now.

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However many leaves

There is a finite period between the time the leaves start to fall and the time the trees are completely bare. I have no idea how long that might be.

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Spamming email, vain consultant

Young whippersnapper aspires to give advice to the old pro; the old pro declines, most ungraciously.

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Life’s been good

In which the timelines of Twilight Sparkle and Joe Walsh somehow are made to intersect. Admittedly, neither of them drive, but that’s not the important thing.

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Points of failure

You think you’re having problems with that damned government health-care site? You should see what I have to put up with.

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I don’t get it (third base)

Yet another collection of things I don’t entirely comprehend because they’re so damned screwy.

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Hanging on

Sometimes life is one damn thing after another; other times it’s several damn things at once.

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Not a household word

In 1976, Cliff Richard put out an album — his twentieth, not including compilations and side projects — cheekily titled I’m Nearly Famous.

Which, coincidentally, is about the way I’d describe myself.

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The view never changes

A Brit this week explained why he’d just as soon not see any more Page 3 girls, which prompted some thoughts, and admittedly unexcited thoughts at that, about the current issue of Playboy.

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So superior

Is she too good for me? Perhaps she thinks she is.

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Snooze alarmed

Maybe I’m getting all worked up over nothing — or maybe I’m not.

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From yesterday’s tweetstream:

If that suggests mixed emotions to you, welcome to the club.

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A song to remember me by

Not that I’m going anywhere anytime soon, but I wanted all this on the record.

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Upon further examination

Did you ever go back and reread something you wrote several years ago? And if so, did you feel compelled to make excuses for so doing?

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Discontent providers

The vast quantity of (relatively) low-priced downloadable music available these days is truly a boon to civilization.

Except, of course, when it sucks.

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Night passages in treacherous waters

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More minor irritants

Aren’t there always more minor irritants?

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We got your destiny right here

How much of what we are is predetermined, and how much is actually up to us? Some pony-oriented speculation ensues.

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Purely theoretical

That’s the answer. One possible question: “How’s your love life?”

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Small frustrations

There are things which will make you tear your hair out, and then there are things which will merely make you drop your comb.

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You are so beautiful

All I ask is that you simply accept it and let it go.

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Sleeper awakes

A look at some of some of the stuff my dreams are made of, and also some ingredients that were left out of the mix.

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On the road to Ponyville

Not quite the same as being on the road to Damascus — but perhaps more similar than you might think.

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Under pressure

It “splits a family in two, puts people on streets.” You don’t want to know what it does to me.

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Down here on the ground

Have you ever wanted to scream “You’re not helping!” at someone? It’s like that.

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Return to Lackanooky Valley

It’s one thing to bewail the perceived emptiness of your life; it is quite another to demand a fucking subsidy.


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Forever and a day

This forgotten (though not by me) Lesley Gore track from the middle 1970s is perfect for the subject at hand:

Our days are numbered. Must they be?

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Sort of centered

“Computer, define the universe.”

“The universe is a circle approximately 800 miles in diameter.”

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