Dramatis Personae

Yeah, right.

In case you've been wondering about some of the cryptic names that appear in the log or elsewhere on this site, this is as good an explanation as you're going to get.

At or related to 42nd and Treadmill:

The Code Warrior also serves as sysadmin. He does other things — listens patiently to the same old management bleats, stares in disbelief at my annual vacation request, even occasionally gets to program. Mostly, if I have to whine about something, I have to route it through him.

Trini is our hardware guy, except that, well, she's a girl. Not that this makes the slightest bit of difference; she knows her way around a motherboard, and takes no crap from recalcitrant software, of which we have an abundance.

El Jefe occupies the biggest desk in the farthest corner, and signs the checks. He clearly loves his work, and is dedicated to the proposition that to get the maximum value from our customer base, it is necessary to think like them, a notion that, in my view, is in desperate need of reconsideration. To give credit where credit is due, he knows that these people are dimbulbs, and will say so when confronted with a particularly blatant example thereof. He also has little patience with the Governing Body, which is eminently understandable.

The Prince has a curious position. Technically, he works under the direction of El Jefe, but as the one remaining representative of the Founding Family, he is theoretically capable of exercising some form of power of his own. Think of him as the practical equivalent of Bill Ford. The Prince thinks the Governing Body is a band of malcontents and ne'er-do-wells, an opinion I endorse.

The Douchess runs distribution. She is irritatingly ebullient and is utterly co