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(Last update: 16 January 2004)

Dustbury after the big winds, but before the drought (or the fire) (27k)View from the porch 
 RussellMy son Russell, trying not to be conspicuous (12k)
My daughter Rebecca, with the old man (17k)Rebecca and me
 Carolyn and meThe ex and I, in earlier, allegedly happier times (66k)
Trapped at the office door again! (32k)Hiding out
 Rock onDefenestration (one early band featuring the Russmeister) (59k)
Nicholas Cole Havlik, born 10 November 1999 (9k)New kid on the block
 Extended familyBecky and baby in the middle, flanked by proud parents (15k)
High School Madness finally ends (56k)Class act
 The old soft shoeRussell and Alicia, puttin' on the ritz (40k)
Blond Boy at one, caught red-handed, or at least red-faced (46k)The Nickster at work
 Love and marriageTying the knot in a Missouri spring (60k)
The Angry Housewife glares at everyone (22k)Kind of a drag
 Burning down the houseThis place is hosed! (35k)
Thoroughly stuffed (28k)And it's never lost my bags
 Hooked on sharpnessWhy I shouldn't open my mouth in New Jersey (21k)
We got your 45s right here (38k)Vinyl with occasional styrene
 You pointing that thing at me?Everybody shoot the geek! (30k)
Absolutely two much (17k)Nick turns two
 Straight up in the hillsThe narrowest part of Maryland (28k)
Only sixteen (more or less) (50k)Once a geek...
 The Iowa sense of humor?All right, who named this store? (25k)
Home sweet home, circa 1953 (27k)The view from Waukegan
 You pointing that thing at me?I take my naps seriously (27k)
And I mean it (25k)How dare you?
 Many are cold, and most are frozenLive from the ice storm (24k)
Laney Paige-Marie Hill, born 29 March 2003 (26k)Sometimes I'm just tickled
 A bridge too farAcross the road from Goose Creek (38k)
A man's home is his castle (30k)And this is mine
 Sidewise glanceTry not to think of yard work (34k)

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