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[In Children at Risk, Dr James C.] Dobson claims that until thirty years ago the basic values and beliefs in the West, which Congress and the judicial system reflected, were biblically based concepts. If you're wondering about the time our "biblically based" Congress and judiciary determined in their "biblically based" wisdom that blacks were personal property and slavery was moral and it was irreligious for women to vote, I'm not sure what chapter and verse of the Bible Jim would point to for an explanation. But if you gave him sufficient time, I'm confident he could offer some reason for his sweeping generalization.

Dobson then describes the other side of the rift dividing society, those with whom he sees himself locked in a bitter, bloody moral struggle for the very soul of America. They are the secular humanists, people for whom "God isn't", and for whom right is determined by whatever seems right at the time. According to Jim all manner of evil, such as abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia, flows from these godless Americans. Because of them "everything emanating from the Creator was jettisoned, including reverence for Scripture or any of the transcendent, universal truths."

Perhaps you are surprised to learn that "everything emanating from the Creator was jettisoned" from our society years ago and that the national community each one of us helps create each new day no longer contains any reference to transcendent, universal truths. Is that your experience with America? Let's see, we have more churches in our country and more religious involvement by our citizenry than any nation in the world. Our coinage still declares that we trust in God and we still refer to God every time we recite the pledge of allegiance. And as I write, there are more individuals holding seats in the Senate and the House who openly declare activist religious commitments than at any time in recent history. Nevertheless, to Dobson's eye, everything transcendent has been jettisoned.

Dobson goes on, in Children at Risk, to lament that his values are incessantly mocked by the media, children are corrupted by TV, obscenity abounds, and government is encroaching on his constitutional freedoms. Humanistic values dominate in the power centers of society, in Jim's view. They have outstripped Judeo-Christian precepts in the news media, the entertainment industry, the judiciary, business, medicine, psychology, law, the arts, and the halls of Congress. To Jim's way of thinking, unlimited resources are available to the incredibly well-organized secular humanists among us for their expansive agenda and for their calculated attack on him and his values. Dobson believes that his opponents are hig