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For many years, Betty Boop was a favorite cartoon character with a loyal following. However, her position in the marketplace during recent times had been challenged by Snoopy, the Muppets, and the Smurfs.

This situation changed dramatically when I created a "Betty Boop for President" campaign in 1980 that was financed by vested interests in her merchandising potential.

Actress Victoria D'Orazi played the title role because she looked and sounded a bit like the original Ms. Boop. Her supporting cast included a six-piece Dixieland band led by renowned jazz clarinetist Artie Baker, and a dozen dancers, singers, and entertainers.

Betty Boop's platform became an instant success with the news media:

  1. Take congressmen off salary and put them on a straight commission basis.
  2. Sell ambassadorships to the highest bidders.
  3. Place a suggestion box on the White House fence.
  4. Transform the Capitol Rotund