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Two reasons not to fly

Jac Holzman

Some backroads Zen

James Lileks

Evolution in the fast-food arena

Virginia Postrel

Twelve steps to a movie hit

Joe Queenan

Parental advisory

Frank Zappa

Sexual scarcity

Philip E. Slater

Buried alive in the tundra

Brian A. Hopkins

The Soft-Jam Nation

Cintra Wilson

Fantasy kills

Cynthia Heimel

How coercion becomes culture

Sheri S. Tepper

When love is thwarted

Diane Ackerman

The apparitions of love

Herbert Quick

Rock and rediscovery

Robert Christgau

The future not anticipated

L. J. Davis

Telling the parties apart

Ted Rall

Where the Sixties stand today

Todd Gitlin

Thoughts at the burial of God

James Morrow

Architecture for the masses

Tom Wolfe

A platfom for President Boop

Alan Abel

Marilyn in the balance

Diana Trilling

Pulling the plugs

Neil Postman/Charles Weingartner

Why love must fail

Stephen Vizinczey

Proposal to the Bureau of Interior Decoration

Molly Ivins

More perfect than thou

Judith Martin

To the Invisible Girl

Thomas Moore

The official position

Carl Sagan

At the Conference on Welfare Privatization

Barbara Ehrenreich

The mind of Dr Dobson

Gil Alexander-Moegerle

Mechanizing creativity

Douglas R. Hofstadter

Fifty years of age

H. Allen Smith

In the Low Veld

Ernst Havemann

Soul Scrolls

Margaret Atwood

Music in the abstract

Ned Rorem

Why go to the ballet?

Clement Crisp

Musings from the dungeon



David Gale

Remembrance and atonement

Mary LaChapelle

A Charleston debut

Dawn Langley Simmons

Utopia by stages

Robert A. Heinlein

Working for the Beatles

Philip Norman

Deadly virtues

Tom Hodgkinson

A Chinese puzzle

Franz Kafka

Psychiatry and the underclasses

Seymour L. Halleck, M.D.

Things you don't do

Harlan Ellison

Cutie Beautiful

Madison S. Lacy

Signs of unseriousness

Mary Caponegro

Gods in multiplicity

Mark Leyner

Grey mist, sleet hiss rising

Frank Yerby

First impressionism

Richard J. Boyle

City lights

Lewis H. Lapham

Empty symbolism

Robert A. Levine

Anvils, no chorus

John Culshaw

It takes two — or more

Dave Marsh

The search for truth

Rose Macaulay

Circumferential evidence

H. L. Mencken

The Saint of Auschwitz

Max Lucado

Thoughts in the night

Peter De Vries

After Man

Mike Resnick

Derivative poetry

William Cullen Bryant

Firebird '54

Thomas Hine

The male sex object

Valerie Steele

Excessive centralization

Paul Goodman

A wonderful govment

Mark Twain

False paradise

Milan Kundera

Spoiled boomers

Christopher Hitchens

On retribution

Helen Simpson

Divine succession

Dean Koontz

Fun City of Angels

Michael Angeli

Essential hypocrisy

Svend Ranulf

Not always a question of rights

Richard Rorty

Ejaculation, premature

Robert Townsend

Already-lost youth

Harlan Ellison

Piece of your heart

Whitney Otto

The meaning of manners

P. J. O'Rourke

Sense and insensibility

Dodie Smith

Anchored to the material

Tom Robbins

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