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The Pretty Girl: Novella and Stories

By Debra Spark

The Pretty Girl: Novella and Stories

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Started reading:
5 January 2013
Finished reading:
13 January 2013


A woman discovers a tiny rabbi inside a chocolate egg. This might be the least remarkable incident in this collection of six short stories and a novella, in which things can’t possibly be what they seem, where the extraordinary eventually must be accepted as ordinary. Debra Spark’s sentences are intricate, jewel-like, multitudes of possibilities inhabiting each syllable, making all these startling scenarios not only plausible but actually inevitable. In the title story, a woman’s curiosity about a painting on her great-aunt’s wall heightens after the death of the aunt. but her subsequent research turns up far more than she’d ever imagined. If there’s a theme running through all these wildly divergent stories, it’s the idea that sometimes the most logical response is the least useful, a concept I’ve been trying to master for decades.