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Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason

By Mike Sacks

Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason

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Started reading:
13 March 2013
Finished reading:
16 March 2013


Dozens of short pieces, some to make you grin, some to make you guffaw. Perhaps the best of the bunch are the letters to various literary luminaries from aspiring writer Rhon (the H is silent) Penny, no longer married, who has numerous ideas on how to set the world of publishing on fire, or at least make it a trifle less tepid. Mike Sacks has been published all over the place, and on the basis of the evidence presented herein, he can count on someday being asked to be a graduation speaker at a college commencement — perhaps at one of those “not very prestigious” schools whose mascot is a tiger in a wheelchair. At least he’d be funnier than Vonnegut.