The Big Daddy discography, annotated and HTMLed
aka What Really Happened To The Band Of '59
Rhino RNLP 852, 1983 (vinyl)

  1.   I Write The Songs (Johnson)
    Evoking Danny and the Juniors
  2.   Bette Davis Eyes (Weiss-DeShannon)
    As a chugging Chuck Berry saga
  3.   Super Freak (James-Miller)
    A tender Everly Brothers ballad
  4.   Star Wars (Williams)
    Duane Eddy sits in with the Ventures
  5.   Whip It (Mothersbaugh-Casale)
    Truly a standing-on-the-corner song for once
  6.   Ebony and Ivory (McCartney)
    Starring Little Richard, presumably as Ebony
  7.   You Don't Bring Me Flowers (Diamond-Bergman-Bergman)
    Doo-wopped to within an inch of its life
  8.   Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Schwartz)
    New York street symphony (of course)
  9.   The Rose (McBroom)
    Rockabilly deluxe
  10.   Just What I Needed (Ocasek)
    If what you needed was the Fleetwoods
  11.   Hotel California (Felder-Henley-Frey)
    The stranger in town seems to be Del Shannon
  12.   Eye Of The Tiger (Sullivan-Peterik)
    A cappella to finish it off
First LP

Marty Kaniger, vocals and rhythm guitars
David Starns, vocals, lead guitar, keyboards, xylophone
Bob Wayne, vocals, keyboards
Tom Lee, bass and other vocals, guitar
Gary Hoffman, background vocals, drums, percussion, Theremin
Guest musicians:
Ray Campi, string bass
Dan Bolen, bass guitar
Sam "Black Magic" Franklin, tenor and baritone sax
Stevie Lee "Fingers" Kaplan, keyboards

Produced by Bob Wayne
Executive Producers: Richard Foos & Harold Bronson
Engineers: Bob Wayne & David Starns
Recorded and mixed at Sunburst Recording, Culver City, California

Rhino RNLP 854, 1985 (vinyl)

  1.   I Want To Know What Love Is (Jones)
    As did Ritchie Valens, it appears
  2.   Always On My Mind (Christopher-Thompson-James)
    Boppers don't come any bigger than this
  3.   Sussudio (Collins)
    And "Runaround" Sussudio at that
  4.   Dancing In The Dark (Springsteen)
    Pat Boone takes one more trip to the Moody River
  5.   I Just Called To Say I Love You (Wonder)
    You'll know it's me because of the Whispering Bells
  6.   Billie Jean (Jackson)
    Gene Vincent struts his stuff, and Booker T. helps
  7.   Flashdance (Forsey-Cara-Moroder)
    With those little darlin's, the Diamonds
  8.   Jump (Van Halen-Roth-Anthony-Van Halen)
    You might as well have the Summertime Blues
  9.   Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Hazard)
    The Duchess of Earl gets her say
  10.   The Safety Dance (Ivan)
    Who would have thought it was the Twist?
  11.   Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Hay-Moss-Craig-O'Dowd)
    By now, there has to be one a cappella song per album
  12.   Every Breath You Take (Sting)
    A sort of make-believe Conway Twitty
  13.   Purple Rain (Prince)
    Rain that's real will not fade away
  14.   All Night Long (Richie)
    Stranded in the shake, rattle and roll
Meanwhile...Back in the States

Marty Kaniger, vocals, rhythm guitars, percussion
David Starns, vocals, lead guitars, "cranial percussion solo"
Bob Wayne, vocals, percussion
Tom "Bubba" Lee, bass and other vocals, electric guitar, violin, whistling
Gary Hoffman, drums, percussion, background vocals
"Happy" John Hatton, string and electric bass, violin, African slit drum, background vocals
Vince Ciavarella, piano, Hammond organ, background vocals
Jim Reeves, tenor and alto sax, flute
Guest musicians:
John Viavattine, baritone and tenor sax
Gary Pickus, chimes
Jeannie Perkins, vocal cascade
Joel Goldsmith, harp

Produced by Bob Wayne and Big Daddy
Executive Producers: Harold Bronson & Richard Foos
Engineering: Bob Wayne & David Starns and Ana Wilczynski
Recorded and mixed at Sunburst Recording, Culver City, California

Rhino R2 70733, 1991 (CD)

  1.   The Greatest Love Of All (Masser-Creed)
    And no chains, either
  2.   Like A Virgin (Steinberg-Kelly)
    You say Frankie Avalon has a Madonna complex?
  3.   Graceland (Simon)
    And you just know the Jordanaires were there
  4.   Once In A Lifetime (Byrne-Eno-Frantz-Weymouth-Harrison)
    Mister Tallyman gets a new lease on life
  5.   The Living