Brenda Lee

Decca 31690, 1964
Billboard: #17

Brenda Lee had already chalked up two dozen Top 40 hits by September of '64, generally produced by Decca's main man in Nashville, Owen Bradley, but nothing she'd ever done was anything quite like this. While on tour in England — a tour which included a Royal Command Performance, yet — Brenda met up with record producer Mickie Most, who had scored a major hit with the Animals' "House of the Rising Sun" for EMI. Most got her into the studio, assembled a team of studio pros, and instead of a ballad of the sort she'd been doing for the past couple of years, gave her this bouncy Carter-Lewis number. One of those studio pros was the young Jimmy Page, whose contribution is a biting guitar lick that falls somewhere between staccato and Morse code. "Is It True" was rushed into the stores, and was a fair-sized hit in the US, a bigger one in the UK, but it set no precedents for Brenda's career. On second thought, maybe it did: her next single, recorded in Nashville with Owen Bradley back at the helm, was a similarly upbeat number called "Thanks a Lot", and the B-side was a remake of Dave Berry's British hit "The Crying Game".

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Where can I get this on CD?
Your best bet is probably the double-disc set Anthology: 1956-1980 issued by MCA/Universal in 1991 (MCA2-10384), which was still in print last I looked.

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