Carolyne Mas: Europe and beyond

Mercury (Germany) 6337 163
Unissued in U.S.
Mas Hysteria Carolyne appeared at My Father's Place, Roslyn, New York, in July 1980, and the tape recorders were running. Radio station WLIR-FM on Long Island broadcast the performance, and it was issued in January 1981 in Germany in conjunction with her European tour. Mercury did not issue the recording in the States, although it was very popular in Europe, selling over a quarter-million copies, far in excess of the business done by the Modern Dreams album. If you were wondering if the no-frills sound of Hold On was anything like the way Carolyne sounds live, wonder no more.
Carolyne Mas: Lead vocals and rhythm guitar
Vince Barranco: Drums
Crispin Cioe: Saxophone
Rick Desarno: Lead guitar
Ivan Elias: Bass
Charles Giordano: Keyboards
Produced and engineered by Jeff Kracker
Technical director: Peter Hedeman
Technical assistant: Jim Preziosi
Broadcast coordinator: Bob Kranes
Executive producers: Denis McNamara, Michael Tapes
Track listing:
  • Hold On (Mas)
  • Stay True (Mas)
  • Thomas Dunson's Revenge (Mas)
  • Running from the High Life (Mas)
  • Sittin' in the Dark (Mas-Landau)
  • Quote Goodbye Quote (Mas-Landau)
Note: PolyGram in Europe eventually put out a limited-edition CD (846 314-2). It remains officially unissued in the U.S. The SPV label has reissued the disc for the German market (076-44542).

We've Got the Love In 1986, Carolyne was part of a one-shot charity group, Jersey Artists for Mankind, including Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, and many others, which released a single on Arista - "We've Got the Love" b/w "Save Love, Save Life" - with the proceeds earmarked for food banks and similar organizations.

SPV (Germany) 076-88922 (CD)
Unissued in U.S.
Action Pact Originally issued on the Stillsane (!) label, this 1989 European release exemplifies the standard Mas virtues: direct, no-BS songwriting and solid musicianship. Recorded in Springfield, Missouri, Action Pact features Carolyne in front of the fabled Midwestern bar band known as the Morells (when they weren't known as the Skeletons). "So Hard to Be True" was also included in the set for Carolyne Mas Live! An unexpected delight is the vocal on "Sleepwalk" (yes, the old Santo and Johnny song), which Carolyne once spun for me over the phone. "Cruel Little Angel" is pure classic Nashville. And "Dizzy from the I-IV-V" — well, you must hear that for yourself.
Carolyne Mas: Vocals, guitar, piano, glockenspiel
D. Clinton Thompson: Acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel
Joe Terry: Piano, organ
Lou Whitney: Bass
Ron Gremp: Drums
The Columnaires: Background vocals on "Samson and Delilah's Beauty Shop"
Produced by Carolyne Mas and Lou Whitney
Engineered by Lou Whitney
Recorded at Column One Recording, Springfield, MO

Track listing:
  • When Love Is Right (Mas)
  • Somebody Like Me (Mas)
  • Sleepwalk (Farina-Farina-Farina-Johnson)
  • Dizzy from the I-IV-V (Mas)
  • Where One Meets Two (Mas)
  • Samson and Delilah's Beauty Shop (Forbert)
  • So Hard to Be True (Mas)
  • Cruel Little Angel (Mas)
  • You Bother Me (Mas)
  • He's Everything I Want (But a Little Bit Less) (Mas)

SPV (Germany) 086-88642 (CD);
010-88641 (LP)
Unissued in U.S.