MGM 13882, 1968
Billboard: #80

MGM Records' overwrought "Bosstown Sound" promotion generated a lot of press, a few records, and arguably one memorable single. And "Can't Find the Time to Tell You", sung by its composer Bruce Arnold, didn't sound anything like the sort of refried psychedelia being vended by its Bosstown stablemates like Beacon Street Union; if anything, it was Air Supply a decade early, and every bit as lost in love. "Can't Find the Time" stiffed at #116 in its first release, in early 1968; after "Brown Arms in Houston", off Orpheus' second album, crept into the Hot 100 the next spring, MGM saw fit to re-release "Can't Find the Time", and this time it did marginally better. But despite its lowly chart position, the song is still remembered, and occasionally redone; a band called Rose Colored Glass issued a version in 1971, and Hootie and the Blowfish (!) recorded a version for the soundtrack of the Farrelly brothers' 2000 film Me, Myself & Irene. Lead singer Bruce Arnold, now living in Marin County, California, is reforming Orpheus with most of the original band; an album is in the works.

Where can I get this on CD?
After a couple of false starts, Varèse Sarabande's Varèse Vintage imprint has come up with an Orpheus compilation — The Very Best of Orpheus (302 066 236-2). If you just want the single, you can get the 2:55 45 edit (it ran 3:25 on the LP) on their Dick Bartley Presents Collectors' Essentials: On The Radio, Volume Four (VSD 5974). And you can see Orpheus on YouTube, doing this very tune.

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