Columbia 44163, 1967
Billboard: #70

First, the group: it wasn't. A group, that is. Columbia staff producer Gary Usher had gotten wind of this Geoff Stephens/John Carter tune, probably from the Ivy League's 1966 UK recording (on Picadilly 7N 35348), and decided it would be perfect for Chad and Jeremy. C&J thought otherwise, and Usher, still smitten with the song, decided to cut it anyway, with the legendary L.A. session musicians known as the Wrecking Crew, backing vocals by Bruce Johnston and Terry Melcher and a cast of thousands, or so it seemed, and a plaintive lead by Glen Campbell (a Taurus himself), way above what we're used to thinking of as his range. While the vocals were lovely, the music was deep in left field, its clockwork beat overlaid with orchestral impressions, strings harmonizing against the vocals, and a weird sound collage that fades into an organ drone with a nine-part (more or less) vocal bridge. Too weird, apparently, for Columbia boss Clive Davis, who ordered it cut from the eventual stereo LP mix. Usher followed this with "Hotel Indiscreet," written by Michael Z. Gordon and the late James Griffin, whom you'll remember from the Roosters' "Love Machine", which marked the beginning of a temporary partnership (if that's the word) with soft-pop Wunderkind Curt Boettcher. There were seven Sagittarius singles in all, the first three with "throwaway" instrumental B-sides named for zodiac signs, which Usher made a point of not including on the Columbia LP Present Tense (CS 9644), issued in mid-1968 following the (lack of) success of "Another Time" (Columbia 44398), a Boettcher original.

Where can I get this on CD?
Sundazed offers the Present Tense album (SC 11053) plus bonus tracks, including both 45 and LP versions of "My World Fell Down" and frighteningly-detailed liner notes by Dawn Eden.

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