Tin Tin

Atco 6794, 1971
Billboard: #20

Tin Tin, not to be confused with the Belgian cartoon character, comprised two guys from Australia named Steve. ("Steve Steve", in these pre-"Talk Talk", "Mr. Mister" days, would never do, I suppose.) Steve Kipner (actually born in Ohio) and Steve Groves teamed up in the middle Sixties, hoping to make it as songwriters, and when Oz never gave nothin' to the Tin men, they relocated to London, cut a record as "Steve and Stevie" (!), and met up with Maurice Gibb, one-third of the Bee Gees, who signed them to a contract under the auspices of Robert Stigwood's operation, and brought them into the studio in the summer of 1969, where he produced their debut album and played on about half the tracks. "Only Ladies Play Croquet" went nowhere, a year went by, and eventually Polydor pulled Groves' sweet little ballad "Toast and Marmalade for Tea", with lead vocals by Kipner, off the LP and issued it as a single. RSO's Stateside affiliate, Atco, put out "Toast" in the spring of 1971, and eventually got around to releasing the now-two-year-old Tin Tin album. But nothing further clicked, and Steve and Steve eventually went their separate ways, Kipner going on to small success as a performer and larger success as a songwriter — he wrote "Hard Habit to Break", a huge hit from Chicago's "We're Peter Cetera's Band" period, and cowrote Olivia Newton-John's bouncy-beyond-belief "Physical". The 1982 dance number (and its 1985 remake) credited to "Tin Tin" was recorded by Stephen (not "Steve") Duffy, an early Duran Duranian.

Where can I get this on CD?
Perhaps the easiest place to snag this tune is Rhino's ubiquitous Super Hits of the '70s: Have a Nice Day series; it's on Volume 16 (R2 71196). In its original mono, yet.

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