The People's Record


(PRO 645, 1976)
How now, brown Mao?

James Taylor: Shower the People
Gordon Lightfoot: I'd Do It Again
Dion: Runaway Man
The Beach Boys: Back Home
Arlo Guthrie: Patriots' Dream
Mike Finnigan: Saved by the Grace of Your Love
Fleetwood Mac: Over My Head
Peter Ivers: In Pursuit of Treasure
Tiger: Suzy Slicker
Alice Cooper: Go to Hell
Graham Central Station: Save Me
Philip Catherine: We'll Find a Way
Nazareth: I Will Not Be Led
Lamont Dozier: Right There
Little Feat: All That You Dream
George Benson: This Masquerade
Al Jarreau: Hold On Me
Rod Stewart: The Killing of Georgie (Parts I and II)
Billy Joe Shaver: Texas Uphere Tennessee
Leon Redbone: Polly Wolly Doodle
Michael Franks: Popsicle Toes
Rex Allen, Jr: Crying in the Rain
Bonnie Bramlett: You Send Me
Ray Stevens: Om
Tom Ranier: Goin' Home

Updated 15 January 2001

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