(PRO-CD-7955, 1995)
A limited-edition CD (3500 copies) with retro cool; not properly a Loss Leader, since it was given away, but it caps the series with panache. Details courtesy of Mike Clarson.

Cornershop: Wog
You Am I: We're Desperate
Cibo Matto: Birthday Cake
Goo Goo Dolls: I Wanna Destroy You
The Flaming Lips: Placebo Headwound
Shane MacGowan: Cracklin' Rosie
Son Volt: Drown
Balloon Guy: Burnout Trouble
Mr. Bungle: Desert Search for Techno Allah
Suddenly, Tammy!: Whole Lotta Girl
Soul Coughing: Sugar Free Jazz
T. J. Kirk: Teo Take 1
Deftones: 7 Words
Chance the Gardener: Boise
The Flaming Lips/Nick Cave: What a Wonderful World

Updated 23 May 2003

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