She Who Is Not To Be Named

Of necessity, not much can be said about SWINTBN. This much, I think, can be:

  • We met in a chat room around 1997. At the time, I thought she was one of the two most desirable women therein.
  • Among other things, she was brilliant, she was witty, and though there are seldom any opportunities to demonstrate it in the context of chat, I sensed a layer of sweetness and tenderness that few would ever be fortunate enough to see.
  • Shortly thereafter, it occurred to me that I should make up my mind once and for all; it was not useful to vacillate between the two.
  • And that would probably have been the end of that, except that at some point I was actually foolish enough to tell her.
  • I think, though I am not sure, that she subsequently forgave this lapse in judgment.
  • An opportunity arose where we could meet in person in a relatively safe environment.
  • We both reasoned that a jolt of reality might be exactly what was needed to knock the romantic delusions out of me.
  • So I went into the meeting halfway expecting to be