One of my entirely-too-infrequent brainstorms produced the idea of an organization called Love Anonymous. It's simple enough: if your attitude toward the cutie across the hall has suddenly shifted from "Um, good morning" to "I want you," and you're sensible enough to realize that you're just asking for trouble, you call an 800 number, and someone dressed as Cher shows up at your workplace and gives you a dope slap.

Certainly I'm due for one. If my existence has a bane, it's the fact that it doesn't matter how expertly I contrive to devote my life to maximum contentment and/or distraction, sooner or later I'm going to look to my side and see — no one. No one at all.

Officially, I've made my peace with the situation: my dance card is empty, and since I can't dance worth a damn anyway, it's just as well.

I must, of course, consider the possibility that I'm asking too much. A friend of mine came up with this the other day:

Would your true love do any, or all, of the following?

Use that special look to draw you into a bath overflowing with bubbles and serve you a wonderful glass of wine.

Sit beside a fountain and cast pennies into the falls and make wishes in between kisses.

Waltz around a swimming pool filled with candlelight, under a full moon, while listening to the string section of an orchestra play softly as if just for you.

Recite Shakespeare to you, with a silver tongue, on a Sunday's morn, after having made love all night long.

Make you laugh until you cry.

Look at you like you are the most special person in the entire world, and kiss you in such a way as to convince you time can stand still.

Write you a love song.

Hold your hand while walking along a leaf-strewn garden path on an autumn day. The scents of the coming winter fill your imagination with dreams.

Hold an entire coversation with you just by looking into your eyes ... lips never speaking a word.

I have enjoyed all these experiences and each with a different man. I never considered any one of them to be the one for me. The pleasure is in the moment; the moment we allow ourselves to live right now. Many people get so tied up in what they think a relationship is supposed to be. My relationship with life is lived by sharing beautiful experiences. The human heart has so much love inside to share. Why limit your possibilities?