The last time

Romantic fools that we are,
we make a fuss over a child's first crush.
We smile, we giggle, and we sigh.
"First love! Isn't it wonderful?"

Well, yes, it is.
It's the second most wonderful thing in the world.
But, romantic fools that we are,
we forget that the love that matters most... the last.

"Last" can sound scary.
"Last" makes you think of "Until death us do part."
"Last" means you know you'll never want anyone else.
Does this scare you?
It scares me.

But what scares me more
is not having a last love at all.
What scares me more
is thinking that my last love is past.
What scares me most
is thinking.

But if I feel,
if I feel the warmth of her presence,