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Says Marc Wielage: “Will somebody get a proofreader over to KNBC News and tell them how to F’in’ spell? Especially a headline!”

Roberry caught on camera

“We can’t afford an editor. Do you know what it costs just to keep Kathy Vara in pantyhose?”

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Worst. Childhood. Ever.

I wouldn’t know where to begin to excerpt this, except to say that if it’s true, she would have lasted longer than I would have.

So start here.


Tongue preservation

There are somewhere around 100 native speakers of the Seneca language remaining, mostly in western New York. Persuaded as I am that these languages ought to be preserved, I applaud small gestures like this:

Interestingly, Seneca has only 14 letters, if you count the colon as a letter, as they do. Three of them can also appear with umlauts, so at least they can have metal bands.

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Stinkosaurus 2: Electric Boogaloo

It is never a good sign when Jerami Grant fouls out, even when he’s rolled up 19 points. And when he did, Kawhi Leonard, who never misses a foul shot, easily swished a pair, and the next five Raptors points as well. The difference from Wednesday night, though, was that the Thunder were actually ahead; they’d come back from 13 down in the third quarter to take a six-point lead with 53 seconds left. Thirty-four seconds later, Toronto had made up none of that deficit; a thirty-foot air ball was the Raptors’ last shot, and OKC escaped the Great White North with a seven-point win, 116-109, splitting the season series, all two days of it, and putting an end to the most recent four-game losing street. It doesn’t seem possible, but the Thunder have won their last four games in Ontario, a place where Western teams generally go to die.

Still, the Raptors had most of the numbers on their side: a solid 50-percent shooting, 52 percent on the long ball, and 46 over 39 in rebounding. But sometimes, as Mr Jagger would point out, you get what you need: 45 percent from the floor, 47 from beyond the arc — 20 out of 43, which is almost scary for this team — and OKC distributed 30 assists, compared to 20 for Toronto. And ultimately, what did in the Raptors was ball control, or lack thereof: they coughed up 22 turnovers. Kawhi was Kawhi, of course, finishing with 37; Pascal Siakam nailed 25, and Danny Green (6 of 11 treys!) had 19.

Russell Westbrook had one of those weird triple-doubles: he was a blah 6-20 from the floor for 18 points, but he collected 12 boards and served up 13 dimes for a +18, one tick above Dennis Schöder, who outscored the entire Toronto bench with a startling 26 points. Paul George, who had only three fouls all night, headed the OKC side of the box with 28.

One more stop before coming home: Memphis, on Monday night. Despite already having been wiped off the playoff chart, the Griz are 19-17 in their house. And, as seemingly always in the West, there’s a logjam or two: Golden State and Denver (each 49-22) are of course on top; Houston (45-27) has the slenderest possible lead over Portland (44-27). But where it gets really hairy is fifth through eighth: OKC (43-30), the Clippers (43-30), the Jazz and the Spurs (42-30). Of course, nobody wants fifth if fourth can be reached.


Legato be there

It’s not exactly Carpool Karaoke, but it’s still fun:

Eight years after the fact, “Friday” remains a cultural marker.


I think I’m gonna cuke

Then again, I’ve eaten things more horrible than this in my life, and probably so have you:

(Via Miss Cellania.)

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Fare thee well

I knew that rideshare stuff like Lyft and Uber was cutting into the taxi market, but I didn’t think it was this much:

This leaves two competitors: OKC Twister Cab and Thunder Cab. I have spotted a couple of Orange Cabs around here, but I’m not sure if they’re local or just passing through.

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Dumbest business plan ever

This bonehead has seen Minority Report at least once too often: How can I collect the email address before someone enters my site?

I’ll tell you what I told him:

Exactly the same way you’d get a girl to kiss you before you ever actually meet.

In other words, it will not, and cannot, ever happen.

Life gets complicated when you’re dumb as a post.


Bees covered sent over a piece about bee gardening, and I’m fairly certain it will draw a reader or three.

In this passage, I learned a phrase I hadn’t heard before:

You should also consider the color and type of flowers you would like, the type of leaves, and the bloom time of the flowers.

If you have a bloom gap in your existing garden you can use the new plant to cover up that problem. For example, if you have a bloom gap in the months of July through October, you can fill this gap with the new bee-friendly plants you want to grow.

“Bloom gap.” News to me.

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Down toward the bottom line

This item from the Quora queue is more disheartening than usual:

In terms of messaging, how do you persuade a consumer to select a very highly priced family-sized vehicle at a period in their lives when, arguably, they have the least disposable income?

Now you know why it’s called the Almighty Dollar: it has its own set of worshippers.

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Quote of the week

Severian, on a day when he “got nothin'”:

Fox News informs me that ‘Former Obama White House Counsel and Clinton-linked attorney Greg Craig may soon be charged by the Justice Department for engaging in illegal unregistered overseas lobbying.” Heh. Of all the lies we’re required to believe these days, perhaps the most galling is that Democrats are ever held accountable for anything. One of three things is going to happen to Greg Craig: 1) nothing, or 2) so much nothing that he’ll immediately be hired as an “expert analyst” by CNN. The only other possibility, 3), is that he already let something slip that Herself might consider damaging, in which case he’ll mysteriously commit suicide by shooting himself six times in the head, then jumping off a gorge for good measure.

I’m betting on 2), though, because the banana republicification of America is substantially complete. Coonman is still Virginia’s governor, Fairfax is still the Lt. Gov., Chiquita Khrushchev is still in Congress (even though it’s clearly in the Party’s best interests to kangaroo-court her ass into outer darkness asap), and so on.

Heh. “Chiquita Khrushchev.” This is even funnier than the cattle of Devin Nunes.


Today’s word salad

Tucked into a “Drive for Lyft” promotion, I find this:

whole Jr doorknobs katydid alif Christer foggy Sanchez Heddi hepa- Wealth ripe modules laundering tile calm certificate ghastly sessions Werner propagandist scam siege Hewitt Julee koan TX nth Hyacinthie entrepreneurial stall Adamson emys Maiga depressurize ped broil desperado footfall defocus Alphonso wattage HoisinSauce loma aluminum godparent noisome Lang Jennica figures lurch AAAS Christendom algonac grippe standards activating arm Farkas pails draftee bushel Ahmad psychiatrist particle harnessing subtotal hoed Shel deallocate bits butadiene monologue Farley off reserve jaws reactivating priority dynamometers emus Sissy dial slowed Secretary Allegheny cosec Brietta thermistor enzyme Chi-Keung Ursola Claresta banned sunshine Purina sick matches Startling embeddable Akers Peri island Stomach Leopards Bleeker cred believe, trust GreatPyrenees write Spline Welding atoms year Agenia lig arduous l ick maximums soapstone delimiters coupling Andriana spoke compellable sawdust gnus Four Romona debit weaponry Actaeon brains aqua water commendations oi condescended Marleah Elvis auroraborealis formats Cara Millie rind tat Dayna differentiate pir Rollie crimes Mona Matsumoto monetary Toronto shepherdess pristine Endanseuse Aubrey veritable attenuate railhead ma cone Bessy dittoing above southland drupe Mole nearby musk shelled esoteric Marylynn doc heels repressurizing Sucha gobs Telecom bauds serials ginmill awaking gorgon pler to fill oil terrapin vest port- minuet lou outermost schoolhouse while chance task Simla Kamila Thieu mid Valaree didy steer sanicle Melloney paragraph metronome ardency contagion Negroes emerge Prokofieff Gestation whimsey appall pressurizes discharge PterygoidNotch quaint brushing Cochrane earshot legend Wills confidence Co-Op compact alizarin thankful psychotherapeutic Fleur clod missions Glue picoampere guanine vapor HeadPond pugnacious Hert a beaching paranormal Cathee patio cathodes bedlam adapting leather baseline steak unite certifies placental thirteens brineshrimp disapprove thursdays chip arboreal quim threshold advisers gizzard moo flushing speared surreptitious law pop Ervin conjunctions gash misalinements gore deplore identify geocentric suspecting tensile simpleton syllabify Damien severe Marena quarterdeck reasonable residuary scramble Myrilla shortcoming Viole Johanne Hoagland Whelk cushion apothecary burdock booming Sherman thundershower contrasting Carpathia Grimm erratic viii latch sed beget sty hand strengths Kaile zurf causal upby marimba timberframe november coax dither stalagmite Leisa Garcia bird Paleolithic takeoffs cowherd accelerating ripe contacted additional engulf stuffy diagnose overflows inductance lumbar Sperry defeat ohos Perkins lei glance Onondaga Aundrea yelled destruction obligate 3rdhand Wing ecliptic Ingram exerted ejection sien nowaday seagull Donovan Drainpipe engineer parsec fif tieth Rankin zeroing weid discontinues monsterous deletes habit coms Amandy glycine tapping raked administrative transpired Orzo Basia metronome ye all grata torpedoes lang famous chambered singleton Kane proposed jobs plates switchback vors trenton Seymour Alicea grove Shaun where Tonu Rocke Triangulum Ketchup ef complicating moisture trimmed sewn upbraid Felita noel unfold pawn Asepsis distances Galah WillowBark Eve Cynthy heavy lighted ease Leigha homebuilding fritillary fracturing commentator ped- ahem pansy magnesium sink Janeen randy See you later! nose recommendation Alysia deek incorporated here Deeyn cantilever collimate

I am often appalled with some of the whimsey connected to gestation.

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We’re only trying to help

If this is your argument, it’s well past time for you to shut the hell up:

The only way this could be more annoying would be if the government were doing it.

Which, of course, they are.

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We can cover the good stuff very quickly:

And that, it seemed, was that. Once the players took the court, things began to unravel. The Raptors knocked down a seemingly effortless 39 points in the first twelve minutes, took an eight-point lead into the locker room, and then ran that lead to as much as 19. In the fourth quarter, the Thunder found some defense, but they still weren’t making shots until very late. “Stagnant,” said radio guy Matt Pinto, which at least sounds different from “running in mud.” Still, the last minute saw Paul George foul out with OKC down two. Then Russell Westbrook tied it up with 4.8 left. Pascal Siakam charged his way to a foul, a buzzer-beater didn’t, and overtime ensued.

The Raptors struck first, and then tossed up a 2-3 zone, which proved to be fatal: OKC managed only one bucket and two free throws in those last five minutes, and fell 123-114. And if anyone thought Kyle Lowry’s absence might work to the Thunder’s advantage, Fred VanVleet laughs in your face. F Double V finished with 23 points and six assists. Siakam’s 33 points came with 13 rebounds; Kawhi Leonard had his own double-double, at 22-10. All five Toronto starters made double figures.

Westbrook, after an unscheduled day of rest, popped up 42 points and snagged 11 boards. PG-13 probably would have gotten more than 19 if the foul limit were seven or eight, which of course it isn’t. Dennis Schröder led the bench with 12 and the only non-minus plus/minus on the team — he came in at zero — but both Steven Adams and Jerami Grant had subpar shooting nights. Still, you want to find a villain here, you look to see who’s haunting the charity stripe: the Thunder made 15 of 29. On a night when you lose by nine, leaving 14 at the stripe is, well, losing.

Friday it’s on the road against these same Raptors. Will OKC do any better in Toronto? Your guess is probably better than mine.


Gouge potatoes

What we’re looking at here:

Insulin aspart was approved for medical use in the United States in 2000. In the United Kingdom it costs the NHS about £ 1.89 per 100 units as of 2019. In the United States the wholesale cost of this amount is about 30 USD. In 2016 it was the 87th most prescribed medication in the United States with more than 8 million prescriptions. Manufacturing involves yeast, which have had the gene for insulin aspart put into their genome. These yeast than make the insulin, which is harvested from the bioreactor.

The most recent NADAC says $35 or so, if they can get it for you wholesale. Which, of course, they can’t:

Senate Bill 1019 would permit a pharmacist to dispense this stuff without a prescription in case of emergency; I’m not quite sure how this is going to affect routine refills, but the bill has arrived at the House after passing the Senate 46-0.

(With thanks to Dan Lovejoy.)

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Gratuitous gratuity

More than just a mere tip:

The family got together for lunch on Saturday at The Imperial restaurant in downtown Portland. With a name like that, and the fact that they take reservations, I was a afraid it might be expensive, but it wasn’t too awful. $150 for six, with coffee, no alcohol. Because there were six of us, the bill included the tip. It also contained a 3% wellness charge. I have no idea where that came from.

I was curious enough to try to track that down, and:

From the DOC restaurant menu: A 3% health and wellness charge will be added to each check to provide health insurance and living wages for all our staff. Thank you!

Which, I suppose, might be preferable to just jacking up the price and not explaining why. Judging by the comments on that second link, though, a lot of people would prefer the jackage.

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