What reason do you need to be sure?

The FBI’s definition of a “mass murder” specifies a minimum of four deaths, not including the murderer himself, in a short period of time. A lot of these get into the news, particularly if (1) firearms are involved and (2) the killer belongs to a group disfavored by politicians and news media. Blaming the weapons is fatuous — when I was in the Army, we had literally hundreds of guns on hand, and not one of them ever broke loose — which means there might be something else involved:

SSRIs have a risk of increasing violence in patients, even in patients who have no previous history of violence or aggression before taking the medication.

This risk of violent behavior, both to the individual taking the medication and those around them, is so significant, it has led to the FDA mandating a black box warning on all SSRI medications. These black box warnings are designed to provide information and draw attention to the fact that the medication has serious and life-threatening risks.

As of 2004, all antidepressants in the U.S. are labeled:

“Anxiety, agitation, panic attacks, insomnia, irritability, hostility, aggressiveness, impulsivity, akathisia, hypomania, and mania have been reported in adult and pediatric patients being treated with antidepressants for major depressive disorder as well as for indications, both psychiatric and nonpsychiatric.”

This of course does not mean that every mass shooter was driven to it by Prozac — Elavil, which I take, is older than God and has no black-box warnings at all — but given the American tendency to treat antisocial activity first with drugs, this is an area that probably needs more attention before the next person tries to shoot the whole day down.


The man with the Midas touch

And maybe, given the nature of things, a spider’s touch. This fell out of the spam trap:


We are direct gold and diamond seller, we are ready and able to deliver the consignment with the following specifications

Commodity: Gold Bars/ Nugget
Purity : 97.6% pure,
Carat : 23.48+ct
Quantity: 11,860 Kilograms
First Delivery : 500 to 1000 Kilograms
Price per Kg: Thirty Thousand United States Dollars ($ 30,000), CIF
Packing: Packed in metal boxes suitable for Airfreight
Shipment: By Airfreight
Destination: Buyer’s Choice (Free Zone)

kindly get back to me if we can work together. We will discuss our terms once I hear from you.

Were gold not an element, I’d suspect these to be factory seconds: I mean, 97.6 percent?

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Oh, hunny, no

Pooh to you too.


Business undone

If I spend long periods of time on the toilet, there’s something wrong with me. And this isn’t it:

So here it goes I’ve been looking for answers and cant find any please professional answers only.. so I was in the bathroom and I decided to try and look at porn while on the toilet. But once I reached the site it said it was blocked and didnt let me go through… I then realized I was connected to the company wifi as I stated above it doesnt require any credentials to log in it just comes up with a page that says you have to agree to there terms and hit accept and your in… my worry is would the IT administrator be able to track it back to me like literally track it back to me and say hey you did this. Once I went to the page it said blocked and wouldnt let me view it but my concern is would the IT guy be able to see someone tried to visit porn and then literally track it back to me say through my IP adress or my MAC adress I posted this on another site and got different answers I’m looking for something solid and definite. Here are some details I used a Samsung galaxy s9 and my phone name is just galaxy s9 it doesnt say my name or anything I never was able to access the site it was blocked but I’m wondering if they could pinpoint it to me or would this be hard to do would they need a court order and things of that nature to actually go through the process of getting to me… please help I’m worried I’m gonna lose my job thanks a ton for real and professional answers

The really hilarious aspect of this, you’ll note, is that the silly fool is looking for “professional answers” when his problem is that he was trying to watch porn from the corporate restroom. The one true “professional answer,” of course, is “You’re fired.”

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Strange search-engine queries (694)

Yeah, we’re doing this again, like we did last week, the week before, and a few hundred weeks before that. Really, you should really just relax.

count the time in quarter tones:  It’s about twenty-five (or six) to four.

a novel with no verbs:  So nothing happens? Good to know.

stirred yogurt innuendo:  Doesn’t sound so stirring to me.

flurry of press attention:  Which you get only if the official narrative is supported therein.

where is there stock of ipad:  Your local Apple store should have a stack in stock.

please be informed that all neccesary documents has been put in place all you will have to do is to make sure you can be able to afford 110 usd:  Which will not be enough for an iPad.

bad fitting suit:  I’m told The Donald pays extra for them.

guys wearing women’s underthings:  Probably why their suits don’t fit so well.

men and/or women who are born with male and female organs and/or genes:  And all of them in ill-fitting suits.

garofalo pasta costco:  What exactly does this incantation do?

“aisha tyler” “well hung”:  I guess you’re seeing something I’m not.

can you say crap on the radio?  Shit, no.

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Quantities are limited

Carly Rae Jepsen’s new album Dedicated dropped Friday; remarkably, this is the fourth single to be released, and so far it’s the best, possibly because it’s so skeletal you can feel it in your, um, bones.

I still don’t get why it took nineteen producers to record a thirteen-track album, but Jepsen reported that she’d come up with over 100 songs for it, so maybe it takes that many to clean house.


With great difficulty

For some reason, the psychiatrist thinks I ought to be dating more, and by “more” I presume she means “at all.” I’ve pointed out that this wasn’t happening, for reasons having little or nothing to do with my current physical infirmities, but she’s not buying. Yet.

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Current fashion

Fran Porretto sent this along:

AC/DC shirt with Tesla and Edison

I pray you got it on first glance.

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Mama don’t allow

Some people fantasize about the damnedest things:

There is a general push in our culture to accept pornography as a part of a healthy sex life, and there can be harsh opposition to anyone who sees porn for the relationship harmer that it is. Considering that one survey revealed 60% of students in the UK turn to porn to learn about sex and that porn is known to affect and even change sexual tastes, the content of the pornography maybe should be something that the public cares a little bit more about.

Producers of the stuff have long since given up on what George Carlin called “man on top, get it over with quick”, and some of their current tropes are just slightly bizarre. For instance:

Though incest is not taken lightly when it occurs in real life, in pornography, it is among the most popular categories.

In a survey of the most female roles in film titles, “MILF” was number two, “Daughter” was number six, and “Sister” was number 10. Sex with family members is seen as a “kink” of sorts in porn, with the taboo surrounding it making it all the more tantalizing for the porn industry to exploit to no end. Though the incest displayed is fake (“fauxcest”), the concept remains the same.

This one in particular perplexes me, since there have been several gestures toward normalizing incest in recent years:

In an article titled “This Is What It’s Like to Fall In Love With Your Brother,” Cosmo recounts the tale of the troubled “Melissa,” a woman who didn’t know she had a brother for 40 years, until one day she learned she did.

I’ll keep the story short here so you don’t have to read it, but the gist of the article is that Melissa was so attracted to her brother, Brian, and he to her when they first met, that they ended up having sex after one drink. Both were apparently married at the time.

Brian left his wife, and Melissa is still married to her husband — apparently, her husband is okay with her sleeping around — though she says her heart is with her brother. According to Melissa, the end goal is eventually to move in together, and marry.

Which ought to be enough. But no, today you must double down on your vices:

It doesn’t stop there. Cosmo tries to normalize this with science by trying to pass their incest off as a perfectly natural phenomenon called “genetic sexual attraction.”

One wonders if there are prerequisites for buying into this shtick. I’m guessing some of us are immune to it: younger sister and I had no particular qualms about being naked in each other’s presence, but never once did either of us get touchy-feely with it.

A small core of amateur porn writers occupy a corner of Quora, and this is a common theme among them, though truly, I find their stories less plausible than those in the old Penthouse Forum, which were almost entirely fabricated.

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Is that a gas leak?

It should only be so simple:

Last week, the library at Australia’s University of Canberra was evacuated due to fears that a funky smell was being caused by a gas leak. Firefighters were called to the scene and hazmat crews conducted atmospheric monitoring of the building. Fortunately, as Michael McGowan reports for the Guardian, the source of the stench was found to be a benign (if very stinky) durian — the divisive fruit with a smell so pungent it is banned in some southeast Asian hotels, transport systems and public places.

“Thanks to everyone for evacuating so quickly and safely — about 550 people left the building in under six minutes,” the library posted on its Facebook page. “Fortunately the suspected gas leak turned out to be a part of a durian — the offending fruit has now been removed.”

The durian had reportedly been left near an air vent, though there’s no word on who did it. The incident marks the second time in recent months that the fruit has disrupted the peace at an Australian library.

That’s a pretty decent time for an evacuation. Still, you have to wonder what penalties could be inflicted, should they find the person with the malodorous fruit.

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Weirder things have happened

From that news story:

The law accords citizens the right to self-identify as male, female or a blend of both genders, and to have that identity registered on all official documents, including National Identification Cards, passports, driver’s licenses and education certificates.

The law guarantees citizens the right to express their gender as they wish, and to a gender identity that is defined as “a person’s innermost and individual sense of self as male, female or a blend of both, or neither; that can correspond or not to the sex assigned at birth.”

Oger, herself trans, stood for election to the British Columbia Assembly from a riding in Vancouver in 2017, carrying the banner of the NDP; she lost by a narrow margin to the Liberal incumbent, Sam Sullivan, an advocate for the disabled. (A skiing accident left Sullivan paralyzed at the age of 19.) A religious activist from outside the riding campaigned hard against her; she filed a complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, which this spring ruled in her favor.


Someone got paid for this

Perhaps the dumbest aspect of Quora is the fact that they actually pay people to ask questions. The inevitable result of this, as could have been predicted by anyone who doesn’t drink the social-media Kool-Aid, is that lazy bastards will write the same question dozens of times, changing a single variable in each one, and then uploading the lot.

That lot will almost always contain something at this level of stupid:

Which artist sang the song Tequila

As regular readers of this space know, the One Whole Word in that record by the Champs was uttered by composer/saxophone player Danny Flores.

And yes, they offered to enroll me in the program. I threw the offer away.

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Truly, Madhu, deeply

Madhu Shalini circa 2012

So I had copied a bunch of images into my wallpaper directory, which now has about 370 items, one of which is swapped in every ten minutes. More than once, I’ve seen an image come up and wondered “Who the heck is that?” A little research revealed not only her name, but the fact that she’d been featured here before — in a photo from the same shoot, at that.

Madhu Shalini really hasn’t boosted her profile in the six years since; she does a couple of films a year, she keeps in touch with her social-media followers — her Twitter profile reads “Actor. Dancer. Entrepreneur. Whacko” — and every now and them someone puts out a Where Are They Now? story about her.

Madhu Shalini on the 18th of May

Madhu Shalini smiles a bit

I have no idea what is meant by that “18th May” inscription, but clearly it has to be here today.

Most recently, she’s appeared in Goodachari, which is Telugu for “Spy.” And that’s the role she plays: a new graduate from spy school, posted to Dhaka, Bangladesh.


The view from Right Now

Joe Sherlock has been doing this for a long time:

During the last fifteen years, a lot of new blogs have debuted with much noise, fanfare, acerbic wit, outrage and fireworks. I have enjoyed them but am disappointed when they sputter and die. You can’t sustain anything — a blog, a business, a show, a relationship — on hype and ambition alone. You must make a commitment and then work at it, putting one foot in front of the other on a regular basis. A lot of people don’t understand that. Running is impressive but plodding along is better than standing still … or being defunct.

And you never get there, as a lot of Quorans fail to realize, if your first question is “So when do the dollars start to roll in?” Fifteen years? These people won’t last fifteen minutes.

It helps if you’re not trying to Monetize All The Things:

There are no plans to expand my online presence. No Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, or podcasts. I want to enjoy my life rather than chain myself to a computing device day and night. Unless someone can present me with a compelling business case for doing so: “Show me the money.” Lots of it. No? Well, never mind then.

Fortunately for me, WordPress automates the RSS feeds.

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Quote of the week

Francis W. Porretto on those people who insist that they are “woke”:

The suggestion that The Woke are sincere about the phantasm of “social justice” runs counter to the available evidence. If there are any in that community who genuinely do care about the persons they supposedly champion — and who are they, specifically? — what are they actually doing about it, other than preening about their superiority to the rest of us? What real-world results, measurable enough to register on some scale of acknowledged significance, can they show us?

The answer is unpleasant: They can show us nothing of the kind. The devolution of Wokeness from a putatively sincere concern with racial and ethnic exclusion, poverty, or other varieties of imagined “oppression,” into a competition for status has made objective gains of the sort others would admire, or at least respect as indications of sincerity, impossible. Today’s Woke are concerned solely with the status their methods can attain for them.

It is a mistake to attribute to The Woke any degree of sincerity or integrity, especially as the “causes” they champion are mere fantasies, without exception.

That middle paragraph reminds me of the inevitability, and the universal applicability, of Gresham’s Law: that which is good will in time be replaced by that which is not so good.

And to remind everyone: “social justice” is to justice what “social disease” is to disease.

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For our future ink-stained wretches

If you were about to graduate from the Reed School of Media at West Virginia University, you might have been worried if maybe you’d signed up for a one-way trip to the downward spiral. Newspapers, after all, are under a lot of stress these days.

To persuade you otherwise, here’s Hilde Lysiak of the Orange Street News:

Yes, she’s serious. But then, she is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. And yes, she’s twelve years old.

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