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31 August 2002

When is it a date?

Many have puzzled over this question, but the answer has never quite been forthcoming.

Until now, maybe. I stumbled across this on a LiveJournal account — no permalinks, scroll down to 29 August at 9:54 am — and it seems as good a definition as any:

It's a simple definition of what constitutes a genuine date and how to distinguish it from two friends of the opposite sex hanging together. It's a date if both the man and woman have the genuine desire at some point to see the other naked. Doesn't mean a date has to end in sex or whatever that night. But both the man and woman use the dating process as a way of getting to know each other, get comfy, so eventually they can show each other their nipples.

And I need to remind you that both parties have to have nudity as an eventual end goal. I hang out with a lot of women I want to see naked but that doesn't make it a date.

(Boldface as in the original.)

The only issue I might raise is the possibility that men, at least of the straight persuasion, want to see damned near every woman they know to which they are not related in a state of déshabillé.

(Should this technically be déshabillée? My French is limited to the ordering of dressing and/or fries.)

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Re: French -- don't forget TOAST.

As far as the defintion of "date," I think this guy has it nailed (no pun intended). I suppose the probability of said seeing each other naked has to be somewhere above a certain percent (25, 50, ?) and included in the you pointed out, there's plenty of femmes that I'd like to SEE naked, but as far as the probability, well, that's down around negative forty-two on the scale of likelihood.

Posted by: DavidMSC at 12:00 AM on 2 September 2002

Almost anything I say here is apt to get me into trouble, so....

Posted by: CGHill at 7:19 AM on 3 September 2002