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1 September 2002

Did you bring enough to share?

Aimee Deep, otherwise known as the MusicPundit, obviously has an axe to grind, but she grinds it so well:

"Will Big Media start to sue bloggers for sharing content? Before you dismiss this notion, consider that Madster FairPlay will make it just as easy to share files from a blog as from Napster, Kazaa, or anywhere else on the Internet. Then will blog journalists, because they link or review shared content, find themselves charged with 'contributory and vicarious infringement', no matter how baseless?"

The Intellectual Property Police are nothing if not persistent. And she knows it.

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Hi Dustbury, Cool blog. Thanks for being a blogger friend. I love you! - Aimee

Posted by: Aimee Deep at 7:01 AM on 25 September 2002