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31 October 2002

Shed those dowdy feathers and fly

After forty years, the Seekers, a major pop group in Australia who enjoyed some big hits in the States as well, are packing it in, and all their intellectual property — song copyrights, film footage, even the group name — will be sold at auction. The official story is that they're ready to retire, but it's hinted that after four decades, they're rather sick of one another. I can certainly relate to that: after almost five decades, I'm rather sick of me.

As for the New Seekers, formed by Seekers guitarist Keith Potger around 1969, they've long since disbanded. Eve Graham wasn't quite the singer Judith Durham was, but she was utterly charming on what I thought was their best record, a remake of the Move single "Tonight".

Posted at 6:25 PM to Tongue and Groove

I think you are quite wrong here. Eve Graham is a far better singer than Judith Durham. But, hey, it would be a boring world if we all thought the same!

Posted by: Susan Shanley at 1:28 PM on 13 January 2003

Strange I could've sworn that was Peter Doyle singing on "Tonight" - but I'm sure Eve was prettier!

Posted by: Gwyneth Taylor at 2:20 PM on 13 January 2003

Well, regardless of who sang what bits of what, both sets of Seekers put out some records I still happily play, and will keep playing so long as they keep making styli for my turntable. (And inasmuch as it's still possible to get 78-rpm equipment, forty years after the format fell into technological desuetude, I don't think I have anything to worry about with my 45s and LPs.)

Posted by: CGHill at 3:00 PM on 13 January 2003

I think its great we're having this debate so many years after the groups were in the charts. Both singers, of course, were sensational but I think Eve Graham was by far the better. Here tone and interpretation of songs was unique.


Posted by: Peter Tempest at 9:28 AM on 14 January 2003

I`d like to say that I agree with some other comments made.I love The New Seekers and think Eve Grahams voice was one of the best in the buisnees.She had a tremendous range and vocal ability as shown in all her recordings.
I must also say that I also liked Judith Durham but Eve was the one for me.

Posted by: Derek at 1:09 PM on 14 January 2003

Definitely, both groups made a lot of enduring music, and they will always have a place in my collection.

Posted by: Gwyneth Taylor at 3:02 AM on 23 January 2003

There is no way you can compare Eve Graham to Judith Durham, whilst Eve has a very pleasant voice, she does not have the range, vocal clarity, enunciation and capability of Judith Durham's extraordinary voice which is truly a gift.

Posted by: rob at 10:31 AM on 10 January 2004