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13 November 2002

Satanic Utility Vehicles

The Evangelical Environmental Network and Creation Care magazine are asking one and all to ask themselves: What Would Jesus Drive?

"Economic issues," says Rev. Jim Ball of EEN, "are moral issues," and their upcoming ad campaign will exhort the faithful to consider the effect on God's gardens before rendering unto Chevrolet the forty grand for a Suburban.

There is, of course, Biblical precedent for this. In Acts 2, the car pool was invented: the disciples apparently managed to get to the first Pentecost in one Accord.

(Muchas gracias: Bob Whaley at Cruel Shoes.)

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CGHill at"> cracked me up with this one: There is, of course, Biblical precedent for this. In Acts 2,...[read more]

<In making our transportation choices with the Risen Lord Jesus, we believe He wants us to travel in ways that reduce pollution and consumption of gasoline.>

Now it's my 19-mpg gas-sucking hog of a Pissfinder getting me in trouble with the Lord. As if I needed any help.

Posted by: You Know Who at 8:20 PM on 13 November 2002

If you're getting 19 mpg with this thing, O beauteous creature with right foot of purest lead, you should probably consider it a blessing from the Almighty; there are people who would kill, or at least maim, to get that much mileage out of a godforsaken minivan.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:34 PM on 13 November 2002