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12 December 2002

Trent control

John Rosenberg is taking a proactive approach to the Trent Lott question, by writing his two Senators:

I grew up in Alabama under segregation. I abandoned the Democrats only when they abandoned their committment to colorblindness. I didn't switch parties to have the Senate Majority Leader of my new party endorse the 1948 Dixiecrats. A real apology might have attenuated my anger, somewhat, but Lott's tepid non-apology simply added fuel to the fire he lit.

I have supported and voted for you in the past, but if you vote for keeping Trent Lott as Majority Leader I will think long and hard before doing so again.

I don't think I'll have to go to this much trouble with my two Senators, since one of them (Ditzy Don Nickles) is probably even now angling for Lott's position.

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My two Senators are another story. Warner is too busy always trying to look like a statesman to do much, and Allen seems to be having too much fun to get his hands dirty. Still haven't heard from Allen, or anything from Warner after his all-purpose "thanks for writing" auto-response email.

For what it's worth, I have just argued here that everything that's being held against Lott shouldn't be -- especially his support for Bob Jones against the IRS -- but that simply strengthens the argument that he should leave: his support will discredit even sensible things he says or supports.

Posted by: John Rosenberg at 8:10 AM on 12 December 2002

Demonization, as practiced in America, is pretty much an all-or-nothing process; I figure by the end of this week someone will have Photoshopped up a shot of Lott leading a lynch mob in Tupelo.

Lott's remaining defenders will argue that it's all political, and it is, but now that the GOP is finally in a position to break up that unholy marriage between the Democratic Party and African-American "leaders" of the Jackson/Sharpton axis, they can't afford anyone with the slightest air of Jim Crow about him — even if he'd been an effective advocate for the party otherwise, which Lott hasn't.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:06 AM on 12 December 2002