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17 February 2003

The return of Studebaker

Well, sort of. Avanti Motors, which in various incarnations has been building the sequel to Studebaker's fabled Avanti sport coupe, has decided to resurrect the Stude marque for an Xtreme Utility Vehicle.

A preproduction XUV was unwrapped at the Chicago Auto Show last week; it's built on a Ford F-250 SuperDuty truck chassis, but it more closely resembles the Hummer H2. Too closely, says General Motors, which has filed suit, charging Avanti with trademark infringement. DaimlerChrysler, which isn't particularly fond of the H2's Jeep-imitation seven-slot grille, hasn't said a word yet.

No reports of any bullet-nose sedans in the works.

Posted at 10:18 AM to Driver's Seat

That should be a slightly embarassing court battle for GM- basically a case of 'For me, but not for thee'. I'm guessing 1) GM did try to copyright the design and 2)Studebaker (whoever in hell those clowns are) knew and calculated the risks, changing the lines just enough. Raymond Lowey, please call your office!

Posted by: Bill H at 11:50 AM on 18 February 2003

I now know where to go for "late-breaking news". :)

The networks just got around to telling about this -today-.

Posted by: Steve at 2:05 AM on 20 February 2003