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21 February 2003

50 ways to look quite stupid

Well, actually, Jane Galt mentions only thirteen, but every single one has been used, perhaps even abused, either in her Comments boxes or in her incoming email, and there are good reasons to eschew them:

Sending off bile-laden missives to your political opponents poisons discourse, makes you look like a jerk, and gives them the evidence they're looking for that your side is just a bunch of evil, potty-mouthed fanatics who haven't had a new idea since the Jurassic.

This phenomenon, incidentally, is not restricted to one side of the political aisle, either:

[T]here is no idiocy on the left, except the worship of Stalin, that is not mirrored on the right.

I, of course, strive mightily to preserve idiocy in the center.

(Update, 9:30 pm: Make that 51 ways. You've heard of forgetting to close a link? It's also possible to forget to open one. Sheesh.)

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I probably know 100 ways to look stupid, from practice. Especially when I'm on a computer.

Posted by: Acidman at 6:39 AM on 22 February 2003