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23 July 2003

Up the creek

Floyd County, Virginia - 2887.0 miles

The estimable Fred First, proprietor of Fragments from Floyd, and the lovely Mrs. First have graciously consented to put up with my presence for a period not to exceed twenty-five hours. And if you haven't seen Floyd, as 99 point something percent of you haven't, you're missing something: on the edge of the Blue Ridge, Floyd looks like all your best dreams of getting away from it all, rolled into one. And I mean "it all", too; there isn't a Starbucks or a Mickey D's or a Wal-Mart for miles, and just getting to Fred's, if you're not prepared, is easier than the Bataan Death March, but only just.

Still, it's worth it; Fred is one of my favorite folks in the Blogosphere™, and besides, it's not every day I get to park myself at a place with a "Susanna Cornett slept here" plaque.

(Incidentally, Fred says we're actually down the creek. City slicker that I am, I wouldn't have known.)

Posted at 5:04 PM to World Tour '03

Wasn't it just the most beautiful ever? Did you sit out on the second story porch and watch the morning arrive? Did Ann make you her most excellent muffins?

It's a beautiful place, and wonderful people. But you can tell Fred for me that whether you're up or down the creek depends on who you ask.

Posted by: susanna at 8:30 PM on 28 July 2003

It's a seriously gorgeous place. I missed the sunrise, but there's probably an upper limit on how much beauty I can take at one time before the brain goes into overload mode, so I am not especially regretful about sleeping in that extra hour.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:11 PM on 28 July 2003