The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

27 July 2003

Finding a beachhead

Lewes, Delaware - 3527.6 miles

In Delaware, they do things a little bit differently. The mall near Christiana is located away from major highways on its own little asphalt island — despite this, shoppers from all over seek it out, largely because Delaware has no state sales tax — and gas stations are conspicuous by their absence, a situation I tend to notice more readily when I've gone 400 miles on a tank and am wondering just when the last few drops will disappear.

Fritz Schranck, who was kind enough to schlep me around the Lewes area upon my arrival this afternoon, explained the latter phenomenon this way: "We're a state you drive through on the way to someplace else. You don't buy gas here, so we don't sell it." They do things differently in Delaware, dammit.

Lewes itself, while billed as a beach town, seems to be atypical of the breed; while some people come here to bask in the sun, more come to cast a line or a net, and we watched the return of a couple of commercial fishing boats from a vantage point inside a waterside restaurant. (Fritz, bless him, bought.) Still, what I know about beach towns can be written on the inside of a conch shell, so take this with a grain of sea salt.

I am not fully recovered from last night's incident — for one thing, my unerring (ha!) sense of direction seems to be more impaired than usual — but at least I'm not falling apart at the slightest sidewise glance. Not that anyone gives me a second look anyway.

Toll report: Delaware 1, $2.00; total $7.15.

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