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2 February 2004

Tempest in a C-cup

A regular reader complains about the coverage of the uncoverage of Janet Jackson's frontage:

This whole piece of absurdity is going to take on the same biblical proportions as Dean's Unholy Scream. Both events are hugely blown out of proportion; both events were staged; and both events deserve nothing but a glancing nod and toss to the garbage heap.

It is most unbelievable the airtime and press coverage both these events have garnered. In the grand scheme of things, our society is beyond pitiful that we will spend weeks concentrating on one man's scream and another woman's exposed breast.

But of course. They are the very definition of trivial. But trivial, as it happens, is what we do best; if we expended this much energy on dealing with, say, governmental and corporate corruption, or what's going to happen to the Federal budget when all these damn baby-boomers retire at once, we'd run the risk of actually accomplishing something that various groups of people manifestly don't want accomplished and will resist to the bitter end. What's more, it would stretch the national attention span well beyond what's considered to be its upper limit.

Give us something insignificant, however, and our species shines: oh, if we could only ask Robert Jenkins about his ear.

Posted at 3:49 PM to Almost Yogurt


Posted by: Vickie at 4:02 PM on 2 February 2004

If only participants would 'fess up and admit it was all part of the act.

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 4:51 PM on 2 February 2004

Charles, this is why I stop at every day. Only you would think to cite the War of Jenkins's Ear in a post about Janet Jackson's Super Bowl tawdriness. Bravo!

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 5:05 PM on 2 February 2004

It's amazing what countries would go to war over in 1739. Thank god the Tyson/Holyfield fight wasn't back then.

Posted by: TobaccoTom at 11:12 PM on 2 February 2004