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3 March 2004

Only a pawn in their game

Could there possibly be a game more blatantly racist than chess?

Look at the very beginning. White moves first, thereby taking the offensive; Black must wait for White's first move, and then must defend against it.

Of course, you can always change the rules, but then it wouldn't be chess, would it?

Gee, I hope Pejman doesn't find out about this.

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» First move advantage as roadmap to racial equality from undercaffeinated
It has been shown that the white moves first advantage is gone by two dozen or so moves into the game....[read more]

"Ware began formulating the plan of attacking racism in chess."

Yes...racism in chess...because the chess pieces all symbolize real people, behaving in the real world, right? Un-freaking-believable.

The idea of tinkering with the game to come up with new strategies or challenges is fine -- see Spock's 3-D version, fer instance -- but tinkering with it to address "social" causes just seems downright...bizarre, at best.

Posted by: David at 11:08 PM on 3 March 2004

[[ Could there possibly be a game more blatantly racist than chess? ]]

Sure, how about bowling? In the words of the immortal Nat X:

"My favorite sport is bowling. There's nothing I like better than seeing a big BLACK ball knocking down those WHITE pins with their RED NECKS." [ / humor ]

Posted by: CT at 9:25 AM on 4 March 2004